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“Everything with one app:

inspire customers, develop revenue potentials

and optimise the order process!”

Inspire customers

Ordering in the to-go market should be simple and fun. bestellbar® is the new way to use your smartphone to place orders in cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels. Your customer simply scrolls through the menu of images – anywhere and at any time. With just two easy clicks, the customers can order something or participate in promotional events. Those are just a few of the features available with bestellbar®, the mobile solution developed by viadee®

Develop revenue potentials

Increase your revenue by offering your customers an innovative way to order. No orders are lost because the customer has to wait too long or has to wait in vain for their waiter to serve them. With the integration of in-app games (e.g. Cocktail Casino) and Facebook, you will also inspire younger target groups – set yourself apart from the competition!

Optimise the order process

Use bestellbar® in order to optimise your order processes and to design your workflow more effectively. In using our app, the time and the effort for recording the order is eliminated. Your service personnel can attend to more customers, or they have more time to attend to customers – work more effectively and be more customer-focused and friendly than your competition!

  • Direct connection from smartphone to the till system
  • With our interface and the bestellbar® app
  • Developed by experts from the software development and food service industries

  • Connection to till systems or receipt printers
  • In-app games and scheduled promotions
  • Facebook integration for individual posts
  • Location info, among others with contact and navigation functions

One solution. One fee.

For only €49 per month you can use the bestellbar® app with the bestellbar® manager at your location.

What do you require in order to get started at your location?

You only need an Internet connection. Your customers require mobile phone reception or WLAN access.

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